Sunday, January 1, 2012

NewYear's Home Decorating & Design Resolutions

dining room pink rug
kitchen fireplace
Happy New Year! Hard to believe it is 2012, but here we are. When people think of New Year's resolutions, things like losing weight, joining a gym, quitting smoking, are the most common. For those of us obsessed by design, we often make our resolutions according to the home projects we would like to complete. So when coming up with my resolutions, I was careful not to go overboard and list everything that needs to be done in my house. That list is very long and I don't have the money or time to do it all. However, there are a few projects that I am going to commit to finishing this year. Those of you who know me, know how much I hate the pink carpet that runs through my house. This year I am going to rip up the carpet in the dining and living room and paint the floors. I already had to rip up a piece because of the new french doors leaking (ugh). So really, there is no excuse for not moving forward with this project. Once that is done, I will be ready to completely change my color scheme and freshen up my home design. Other projects include finishing my bathroom (new floor and paint), painting my kitchen cabinets, and finishing my daughter's bedroom. I could go on and list about 20 more projects, but I am getting overwhelmed just thinking about them! Anyway, I have shared my home decorating and design resolutions with you, now share yours with me! What projects are you planning for 2012?


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