Saturday, January 21, 2012

Living room inspiration and my design challenge!

My biggest goal this year is to redecorate my living room. This is a big job. My living room is unusual to say the least, and poses lots of design challenges. Today I will show you rooms that inspire me. I plan on taking elements from rooms I like, and incorporating them into my own unique design. What do you think? What elements would incorporate into my room? Pictures of MY room are are posted after the inspiration rooms.

Pawleys Island Posh The wall color is Tidewater by Sherwin Williams. The before & after for this room is amazing. Click on the link and visit the Pawleys Island Posh blog.

This room is from the set of one of my favorite shows Modern Family

I think most of you will recognize this great room by James Radin. It's from the movie Something's Gotta Give.

This room is painted Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue. Designed by Caitlin Creer Interiors.

This room is painted Stratton Blue by BM It is on the same color strip as Palladian and Wythe. This design is by Viscusi Elson Interior Design. You should go take a look at their portfolio.
Two more James Radin Designs. I LOVE his work! 
Go visit his site and enjoy!

Martha Stewart
Addicted 2 Decorating

Now for my living room....

 I plan to rip up the rug and paint the floors, and I am considering painting the fireplace. I want to get rid of the taupe/red walls and ugly pink rug.  (Did I mention how much I hate that pink rug? ). I need to lighten the walls and bring in more light. It gets very dark in the afternoon. The fireplace is a nightmare. It juts out into the room like the bow of a boat! The room has lots of angles So...what would YOU do with this design challenge?


  1. I would def paint the fireplace and the banister white,,,palladian blue possibly on the walls,,,what's under the rug?...hardwood floors with a natural rug would be nice...hope that was helpful :)

  2. Hi Karen, I have been thinking about painting the banisters for a long time. That fireplace is so big and ugly. It will be a big leap to paint it white but I am almost there. Unfortunately there is only a subfloor under the rug, that's why we are going to paint it, with the hopes of being able to afford hardwood someday.

  3. Hi, i came over to check you out. I had to do a google search to find you. I think one of your problems in getting followers, is that your comments don't have a hyperlink in your name, so it isn't easy to get to your blog. Good luck with ypur new indever!

  4. Hi Syndi, I've been stopping by ever since you commented on my blog a few weeks back. I love that we're both loving our lake homes and so glad you found me.

    I agree, that pink rug would be the first thing on my hit list. We lucked out when we moved in and found hardwood floors under the awful rugs that were originally in our home, which was a nice bonus. But if we hadn't I would have definitely pulled it up and painted the subfloor and painted the banisters.

    The DIY showoff did an absolutely amazing job of painting her subfloors.

    Younghouselove has painted a couple of fireplaces which totally changed their rooms (for the better).

    I would start with the cheap and high impact things first that you could change with paint and then take it from there.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Maria, I have been stopping by your blog too! Thanks for leaving a comment. I looked at the DIY link, wow, that's impressive. I love how she stencilled the floor to make it look like a rug. I might try that in my dining room. I am glad people are telling me the fireplace will look good painted. That's a hard decision to make, I am going to do a post about it (I am working out all my design issues on this blog! lol)