Friday, January 20, 2012

A Winter Morning on Beachnut Lane

We awoke this morning to 5 inches of fluffy freshly fallen snow. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. This year has not been good for snow. We have only had one small 6 inch snowfall this year! So getting this snow right before a weekend is welcomed up here in Ski Country. My 16 year old is working at one of the ski areas and tells me that business has been very slow. We are still waiting for one of our big storms that dumps a good 2 feet! I thought my readers in warm climates might enjoy seeing a New England winter morning! Here are the views from my windows.
My driveway. The mountains across the street are the Moat Mountains. A small range in N.H.

The pictures above and below are views of my yard.

View from my kitchen window

My backyard. Yes, that is a freestyle ski jib set. My kids are skiers!

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