Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bookcase for a Teen

PB Teens
I love books and so does my daughter, who is about to turn 14. I have offered to buy her a kindle for her birthday and she is shocked that I would suggest such a thing! She loves BOOKS! She tells me that she loves to hold them, flip through them, and put bookmarks in them. She loves to look at their covers, stack them, arrange them around her room (the way athletes display their trophies). She prides herself on reading the classics, and in the last 6 months has read more  books than I have in the last 5 years. For Christmas this year, her older brother, who is a history major in college, gave her a first edition book of English prose. It is her most prized possession. So what do you get a book obsessed teenager for her birthday? A BOOKCASE! I am on a mission to find one that will look great in her newly decorated room (which is still in progress).  I am very attracted to bookcases that have painted backs. I think they add a pop of color to a room.  So I will probably paint the bookcase I buy (or build). I promise to post pictures of her new room (and bookcase) when it is done!  
PB Teens

via Words for Teens
My daughter is a fan Dr.Who. This bookcase is in the shape of The Tardis, a time machine!
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