Saturday, December 10, 2011

Painted Chairs...the inexpensive solution to my dining room dilemma

Since I don't have one extra cent to my name this holiday season, I am looking for cheap creative ways to get more seating around my dining room table. We are a family of 5 with only 3 real dining room chairs, which means 2 of us have to eat at the kitchen counter. Not exactly a very good way to have a  family meal. So I have decided to look at yard sales, craigslist and the dump (yes, you can find treasures at the dump) for wooden chairs in good condition. I am either going to paint them all the same color to make them look somehow coordinated, yet funky and visually interesting, or I will paint them different colors to highlight and celebrate diversity in design! Anyway, I started to surf through lots of design sites and online stores to get some ideas. I think the key to pulling it together and making mismatched chairs visually pleasing is to try to find similar styles and similar heights.

via The Decorologist


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