Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Animal Heads in home decor

I was looking around the West Elm website when I came upon some interesting home decor items...paper mache animal heads! They were painted white and I have to admit they intrigued me. I began thinking of the possibilities of using them in my own house. I also did some snooping around the blogosphere to see what other design nuts are saying about this design trend. I found people who were in love with it and those who were disgusted by it. Of course, the issue is that it resembles the result of hunting, those taxidermy heads found in lodges and displayed as trophies of' the big kill'. So people opposed to hunting and killing for sport may not be too keen to have heads, even paper or porcelain, hanging on their walls because of what it represents.  Of course, up here in the North Country it is very common to find a big moose displayed proudly on neighbor's living room wall. If you dare to utter a word of disapproval, you take the risk of becoming a social outcast in this world. Hunting is one of the top sports in this happy mountain valley, and my neighborhood abuts the White Mountain National Forest, where a virtual candy store of hunting trophies roam freely. In fact, it is not unusual to see deer, bear and moose wandering around my backyard. My neighbor has a life size wooden moose in his front yard, and one day at sunset a large moose came into the yard to see if it was real!
There is one aspect to this design trend that I do think is a bit weird. Dwell Studio has them on their site advertised as a nursery decorations. Hmmm would the little kids think this was cool or creepy? It will be interesting to see if this design idea catches on or fades away! What do you think? Would you use these heads in your house? If you are interested in buying Faux Animal Heads, check out  West Elm, Dwell Studio, Anthropologie.

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