Monday, December 12, 2011

Dinner Plates as wall art

Addicted to Decorating

Using dinner plates as wall art is a decorating trick that has been around for years and is currently trending. I recently saw them on the wall of a kitchen on Modern Family ( I think I watch tv shows as much for design ideas as I do for the storlines!). Plates can can fit into any decor depending on the designs and colors you choose. I collect transferware plates and use them in almost all rooms of my house. Here's a good article on transferware collecting: You can hang plates on the wall by using wire plate hangers or you can hot glue a paperclip or picture hook to the back of your plate. I am posting some pictures to inspire you to create your own wall of plate art!


  1. I am a huge fan of plates as wall art. Love your blog, Syndi!

  2. Love it. I recently saw it on living channel and have been hunting for plates every since. The most recent issue of Your Home and Garden had quite a few, some even with the Kiwiana theme. Surely someone is making them?

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