Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas trees!

Turquoise theme
I am getting ready to decorate my Christmas tree. I toyed with the idea of doing a themed tree this year, but my kids would have no part of  it! They love the tradition that I started when my oldest son experienced his first Christmas.: every Christmas I pick out one ornament for each child which represents something that that they either participated in that year or was interested in. Each ornament serves as a memory trigger, so that now, years later, when they look at the tree, they see all the ornaments and remember each year's activities. Its fun to see them get excited about stuff that they had forgotten and to laugh with each other about all the fun they have had through the years. Someday I will have new themed tree, but for now I will continue the tradition and put all our ornaments on the tree. As each child grows into an adult , moves out and gets their first Christmas tree, I will give them all their ornaments to take with them. In the years to follow they will have memories of their childhood and plenty of stories (and traditions) to share with their own children. For today's blog entry, I am posting pictures of  some fun themed trees. What are some of your Christmas tree traditions?
Coastal theme by Martha Stewart

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