Friday, December 9, 2011

French Door project

dining room before redecorating


I have always loved french doors, but never had them in any of my houses. Our Beachnut Lane house had a huge sliding door in the dining room. It was 12 feet wide! On the same side of the house there are 2 more windows, both 12 feet wide. I wish I could tell you that sunshine pours into my house and warms and brightened my decor, but nope! This side of the house faces southeast and only gets morning sun. So in the afternoon and early evening when we are mostly home, the living room and dining room are dark. Anyway, the dining room had a really ugly, nondescript slider and for 3 years I longed for french doors. Finally it happened. Thanks to my brother, who is amazingly talented when it comes to construction, and my husband, who is not in any way talented in construction, I got french doors! We bought regular 6 foot doors, so we had to frame a wall on both sides of the door. I now have wall space! I love it.

Before: sliders removed

After: French Doors! Yes, I know the pink rug must go. It is still a work in progress!

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