Thursday, August 9, 2012

Upholstery Project using Premier Prints!

I am ready to start my first upholstery project. I have a disgusting, old armchair that is in serious need of intensive intervention. I am going to paint the living room Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, and want to bring a little bit of the pale blue/green into the upholstery. I have searched and searched online, but I keep coming back to the same fabric. I love Premier Prints. Why? Great modern designs, nice colors and here is the most important reason...they are cheap! Under $10 cheap! You can find them at and I searched the blog world for projects that used Premier Prints, and I am posting them for inspiration today. It is amazing how new fabric completely transforms an old piece into a fresh, new item in your decor!

This fabric has made to the the Finals. I like that it is neutral and has that little bit of blue.

Bim Kreations

Love this swirling vine in gray!

                                    I love this one too! I think this is a very good choice because it won't show the dirt. With 3 kids, a husband and two dachshunds, I can't go with light fabric!


Love the use of color and patterns in this bedding!

Isn't this a great color combination? Love yellow and gray together!
Brand New And Beautiful

As Is Home

My Design Dreams

This fabric is bold and pretty. Perfect for a teen girl's room.

I am really attracted to this fabric. I want to bring a few pops of orange into my decor.

Can you guess my color palette for my living room? Aqua, gray, yellow with just a bit of orange! I will be showing you pictures as the projects get done!



  1. Ok, I am commenting on my own post, basically to say that I am sooo frustrated with the blogger software! It took me 2 hours to do this post, with the pictures jumping all over the page and nothing lining up! I keep trying to go back into draft and fix it. It looks perfect in draft, but its still not right in published form. Anyone else having trouble with Blogger ?

  2. I just discovered your blog tonight as I'm trying to pick out the perfect blue for my bathroom. I've enjoyed reading all your posts (with awesome picture examples!) of some of the same colors I've been pondering. Thanks for doing all the research, and now I see you've chosen Sea Salt. I can't wait to see your living room! Now, I need to wait for daylight so I can check out all these swatches in our bathroom...

    1. Glad the posts are helpful! So nice to see a comment. Sometimes I think I am the only one reading my blog!