Monday, August 27, 2012

A Dream Wedding...

A young friend was telling me her dreams for her perfect wedding. She has no plans to marry until she is finishes with college, but has been planning her dream wedding in her head for years. It's something most of us women do and something men just don't understand. Its the fantasy, the princess story, the magic. So I thought today I would do a post on her ideas for her fantasy wedding.
     First, she wants to be married in a field...with wildflowers and horses.

She likes the idea of sparkling lights and lanterns. 
Martha Stewart Weddings


Dawn E. Roscoe

...And long tables filled with family and friends

Green Wedding Shoes
She also loves old barns...


                                            She wants old china and beautiful flowers...

Martha Stewart Weddings

                                It's fun to dream of your perfect wedding.....
                   and I hope someday Katie's wedding is as beautiful and magical as she imagined!


  1. She has beautiful creative ideas for her dream wedding.:) For me, being with my loved ones plus an attractive set of wedding ceremony supplies, sumptous dinner, great music and a fine weather would make my wedding perfect.:)

  2. Wow. Her dream wedding looks like it came straight out of a fantasy book! I also love the idea of sparkling lights and lanterns. It would be wonderful to walk down the aisle with your Mr. Right, surrounded by family and friends with the stars and the moon as your witness, and to enjoy the magical mood brought by your dream wedding setup.

    Kelli Mueller