Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where have I been hiding? (The Notchland Inn!)

It seems like forever since I wrote my last post! I have been busy. First, although I keep politics out of my design blog (design transcends politics!), I must tell you one of the reasons I have been blog-absent is that I am running for State Representative. This isn't new for me. I am on the School Board and a bizillion community committees. I am happy to report I won the primary, and now the countdown to the general election is on! So please excuse me while I run around and knock on doors.

       The other reason for my disappearance from Blogland is my new job! I am working for my friends Ed & Les, owners of the fabulous Notchland Inn, located in Hart's Location, NH. Never heard of Hart's Location? Not surprising, as it is the smallest town in NH, boasting a population of around 40. However, its claim to fame is its "first in the nation" voting, which takes place at midnight. They share this honor with Dixville Notch (which always gets the national press attention). Anyway, I am learning to become an Innkeeper!
The Notchland Inn is a quiet, lovely romantic inn. It truly is a step back in time. No tv, no cell phone service (though they work several miles down the road), just peace and quiet. Mountains, rivers, hiking, skiing, leaf-peeping, kayaking, are right outside our door, and of course, outlet shopping, train rides, more skiing, golfing and restaurants are down the road.
     The Notchland Inn has private bathrooms & real wood fireplaces in every room. It was built in the 1860s and retains the feel of a distant era. This is the perfect place for a quiet, romantic getaway!
     Since I spend so much of my time at the Inn nowadays, I will be wiring about it in my little blog. There is so much to write about (and look at)...antiques, collections, furniture, period pieces, Arts and Crafts decor ( the front room was designed by Gustav Stickley!!), stay tuned for all sorts of fascinating posts!

               The above picture is the Franconia room. It is located in the main inn and was the master bedroom of the original owner, Samuel Bemis.
    This is a picture of  the Willard Cottage, which is one of two newer additions to the property. This little cottage has a nice deck with a great view of the mountains. It also has a fireplace and whirlpool tub in the bedroom. Very romantic!