Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whimsical Dog Prints for your walls!


In my travels through Blogland I have seen a lot of art work on walls that feature dogs. I saw one that had a big dog on it and writing in the background. I liked it and looked for it on several online poster sites, but have not been able to find it. Do you know where it is? It looked like the posters in this picture to the right. Anyway, I have been noticing more whimsical dog prints on walls lately, and thought it would be fun to see what's available. I own 2 dachshunds and of course love all things dachshund! The 'Dachshund Wine' print above is on my dining room wall! Here's some fun Dog prints I found at AllPosters.com and CafePress.com







Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paint your ceilings with Color!


I love seeing ceilings painted colors other than white. Years ago when we were looking for our first house, we saw many old houses with big wraparound porches. Those porches all had ceilings painted a beautiful soft blue, and I wondered why that had become a fixture on old porches, yet interiors continued to follow the white ceiling rule. I know that white reflects light and brightens up a room. But really, don't you think a pale shade of blue or green or yellow or even lavender would warm up a room and still allow enough light to bounce off? I think that the right color on a ceiling can soften the atmosphere and create a relaxed space. There are lots of options. You can paint the ceiling the same color as the room, and it will make the room look more spacious by  removing the line between the wall and the ceiling. If you use a darker shade on the ceiling than on the wall, then you create a cozy feeling. making the ceiling appear lower. A lighter shade of the wall color or a pale shade of another color can add elegance. A white walled room with a brightly colored ceiling can look dramatic.
I have a very unusual ceiling in my living room which I believe will lend itself to a subtle color. I haven't decided which color yet, in fact  I STILL have not decided on a color for the walls yet, but I do know that I am going to paint a beautiful pale shade of  paint on the ceiling! Here are some pictures of painted ceilings which may inspire you to paint your own ceilings!

Benjamin Moore

Martha Stewart

Addicted 2 Decorating

Conspicuous Style

Young House Love

via fiveoeight

Traditional Home

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sewing Project

I love sewing, but I don't do many projects and only have an old simple singer sewing machine that's 20 years old. But that is about to change as I embark on a whole house redecoration. My daughter is turning 14 today, and for years I have been trying to get her interested in sewing. She's a talented artist and great at graphic design, but I have yet to get her near a sewing machine! She does appreciate the art of sewing, as evidenced by the fact that she has always requested that I sew her Halloween costume instead of buying one. Of course, she usually waited until the day before Halloween before making a decision on the year's design and  it had become a tradition that I stay up until 1 AM putting on the finishing details! That's one thing I am starting to miss, as she is getting into her teen years and dressing up for Halloween is no longer seen as cool by her peer group. However, we are in the process of redecorating her room (it hasn't been painted since she was 5), and I am going to have her choose fabric for new curtains and reupholstering her desk chair. I am hoping to convince her to help me sew, I will let you all know how that works out!  
         I n the meantime, I am still searching for fabric for my big living room project. I did a post a few days ago Fabric Search!  and showed you the fabric I was thinking about. Since then  have found more to add to my collection. Now it's time to make a selection of swatches to order!



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Benamin Moore's Palladian Blue, Wythe Blue, Stratton Blue

Palladian Blue
Today I am going to look at the BM color strip that contains Palladian Blue HC-144, Wythe Blue HC- 143 & Stratton Blue HC-142! I have to admit these are 3 of my favorites. I like the soft blue/green with enough gray thrown in to make the colors act nicely as neutrals. Let's get right down to it and enjoy the rooms painted with these great colors!

Palladian Blue

Caitlin Creer Interiors

The Weekend Homemaker  

Jenny Komenda Interiors


WYTHE BLUE is Benjamin Moore's color of the year for 2012! Here are a few rooms painted with this beautiful color.


Avenue B Development

Benjamin Moore

Avenue B Development

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Benjamin Moore's Wedgewood Gray & Woodlawn Blue

When I posted this photo (gallery wall) last month, I got quite a few visits from people looking for pictures of  Benjamin Moore's Wedgewood Gray. I am still getting them. People like me are searching the web to see what colors look like in real rooms, in different lighting. So I am going to write posts on a regular basis featuring specific paint colors. I am hoping that people will leave comments to let other readers know their own experiences with the color. If you  painted your room the feature color, then please send me a picture and I will add it to the post and link to your site!
First up...Wedgwood Blue and its lighter version Woodlawn Blue. I think its interesting that BM decided to call the color gray, when it is really blue. It has gray tint in it, but so do many other BM colors that are named Blue! So look for it in the blue section of their color chart. The next color down is Woodlawn Blue. Here are pictures of WEDGEWOOD GRAY

Benjamin Moore

via Favorite Paint Colors
Harrington House
Attempts at Style


decor pad

LB Design Sketchbook

The kitchen picture below is a combination of Wedgewood Gray on the walls and Woodlawn Blue on the ceiling!
House Beautiful

House and Home

What I find interesting is that I have a hard time telling Wedgewood Gray apart from Woodlawn Blue in some of the pictures. I guess it must be the lighting. Anyway, both look great!