Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Purple the new Gray?

Home dit
I was in the grocery store yesterday, and on the magazine rack sat some home decor mags. As I glanced at them, something struck me. Both Traditional Home and Veranda had the same color scheme on their covers. I turned to my 14 year old daughter and asked "What do you think the new color trend is in home decor?" She immediately answered "purple'! Yup, the magazines were filled with purple.  Some articles were touting it as the new gray. Gray, of course was pushed as a neutral instead of shades of beige for a few years now, and works nicely with a wide variety of colors. Purple is a little more difficult to coordinate, but the key to making it a neutral is to add gray! Gray tones it down so that it doesn't overwhelm a space. Of course, some people love bright shades of purple, and these can be used effectively as pops of color. The problem I find when using bright or very dark purples in a space is that I grow tired of it rather quickly, so want to make sure it is something I can change easily (and cheaply).

 Here are a few examples of purple in home decor:

On Home Design

                                                              Love the purple door!
House Beautiful
Coffee and Pasta

Purple painted furniture!

La Petite Fashionista

          Do you think that purple will become the new neutral? Would you paint your living room purple? I don't think I am that brave!

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Dream Wedding...

A young friend was telling me her dreams for her perfect wedding. She has no plans to marry until she is finishes with college, but has been planning her dream wedding in her head for years. It's something most of us women do and something men just don't understand. Its the fantasy, the princess story, the magic. So I thought today I would do a post on her ideas for her fantasy wedding.
     First, she wants to be married in a field...with wildflowers and horses.

She likes the idea of sparkling lights and lanterns. 
Martha Stewart Weddings


Dawn E. Roscoe

...And long tables filled with family and friends

Green Wedding Shoes
She also loves old barns...


                                            She wants old china and beautiful flowers...

Martha Stewart Weddings

                                It's fun to dream of your perfect wedding.....
                   and I hope someday Katie's wedding is as beautiful and magical as she imagined!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My husband's first garden!

My husband has never before in his life planted anything. Really. This year, one of his coworkers showed DH his garden and he was bitten with the bug. Enthusiastic but clueless, he embarked on his first gardening adventure. First he bought wood to make a raised garden. Then he put it squarely in the shade. This was in April. Of course, in April there no leaves on the trees and there was plenty of sun in his chosen spot. I tried to point out to him the obvious: his garden would be in shade most of the day when summer rolled around. He didn't believe me and there the garden stood. He filled his little plot ( 4ft by 8 ft) with dirt and planted 1 package of zucchini seeds and bought 1 tomato plant. Every day he went out and watered his garden. It was a sad little garden indeed. I borrowed a book from the library on gardening in a small plot. He never opened the book and back to the library it went. After all, real men don't need directions. Along came Father's Day and the kids & I trotted down to home depot and bought everything that was left on the shelf. Being that it was June, there wasn't much. However, we were able to get 2 Yellow Squash plants, 1 Hubbard Squash ,Basil, Jalapeno and 2 other Hot Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Big Boys and Roma. We also bought a flat of marigolds to put all around the outside of the garden to keep away animals. DH was so happy, I  think it was his best Father's Day ever.
Everyday he goes out and waters and talks to his little garden. While growing is slow (not enough sun) we are finally are beginning to harvest some vegetables! So far we have 6 zucchini, 2 summer squash, one jalepino and 4 cherry tomaotes!

While DH was gone today, I made zucchini bread and zucchini boats. He is eating the bread as I write this post!  He is so happy about his new hobby. He is making plans for more beds next year (in the sun!) and a variety of vegetables. There is nothing like organic vegetables, fresh from your own garden!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Turquoise and aqua Kitchens!

I  never liked the color blue in home decor. Nope. Not for me. So I don't know why I am so obsessed with it now.  I just love turquoise and all shades related to it, from the palest blue green in Sherwin Wiliams Sea Salt to the brightest Teal. I love it all. I think it has something to do with my love of the ocean. I used to live right on the beach in Scituate MA and I miss it. The colors of the water are calming and fresh, just what I need in my hectic life. Three kids, a husband, two dachshunds and a life in the political world have me longing for a leisurely life in a cottage by the sea. I haven't been to the ocean in 2 years, and I am going crazy. I live in the mountains, and go to lakes and the river, but it is just not the same.
     After months of indecision, I have decided on Sherwin Williams Sea Salt for my living room. Now I am thinking about changing my kitchen wall color. It's currently a very bright orangey yellow.  I am wondering about an aqua blue in the kitchen. I saw an episode of Design Star on HGTV where contestants painted a kitchen a bright aqua blue. Vern Yip was horrified and said that blue was a terrible color for a kitchen because it suppresses appetite. What nonsense.  Look at these beautiful blue/green kitchens I found!

via House of Turquoise
I don't know what paint color this is, but I absolutely love it!
via House of Turquoise
Love this kitchen with the combination of the soft white against the pale aqua. The hood painted a darker shade looks great.
via kitchen Trend
I like the pale aqua with the bright pops of red and orange.
by Bridgette McMullin via Interior Design Pro
Wow! Look at that tile! Now that's a bold statement. Looks like shimmering water.
                             So vintage, so cute!
via granite gurus
                       Love the mid century modern look!
via Kitchen Ideas
       I must have these appliances...

                  ... and all these kitchen gadgets!!

So what  do you think about aqua in a kitchen?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday to Julia Child!

Arnold Newman / Getty images via Vanity Fair

Today would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday. I have been enamored by Julia since I was a little girl. My Mom and I would watch her shows on channel 2 in Boston and I was proud that Julia lived in my state. She inspired me to cook.
I have to admit that I lost touch with Julia's cooking until several years ago, when Martha Stewart featured a blogger on her show who was cooking  her way through Julia's famous book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. A few years later, the movie Julie & Julia came out, and I fell in love with Julia again. It also motivated me to look up Julie Powell's blog and the idea of someday starting my own blog was planted in my mind.


                             A replica of Julia's kitchen in the Smithsonian, Washington D.C.

  The movie also introduced me to her husband Paul Child and their love story. She was lucky in her forties to find her true love that was to last her lifetime. They seemed to have a great sense of humor and enjoy each other's company. He was supportive of all her endeavors and adventures. Who could ask for more?

Via Vanity Fair  

 I am currently reading My Life in France, written by Julia  with her nephew,  Alex Prud`homme.  I am loving this book! Her voice comes off the pages as does her love for food and all things French. Reading her own words about her life, her adventures and her love for Paul is such a treat.

PBS store

Happy Birthday 100th Birthday Julia!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Upholstery Project using Premier Prints!

I am ready to start my first upholstery project. I have a disgusting, old armchair that is in serious need of intensive intervention. I am going to paint the living room Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, and want to bring a little bit of the pale blue/green into the upholstery. I have searched and searched online, but I keep coming back to the same fabric. I love Premier Prints. Why? Great modern designs, nice colors and here is the most important reason...they are cheap! Under $10 cheap! You can find them at and I searched the blog world for projects that used Premier Prints, and I am posting them for inspiration today. It is amazing how new fabric completely transforms an old piece into a fresh, new item in your decor!

This fabric has made to the the Finals. I like that it is neutral and has that little bit of blue.

Bim Kreations

Love this swirling vine in gray!

                                    I love this one too! I think this is a very good choice because it won't show the dirt. With 3 kids, a husband and two dachshunds, I can't go with light fabric!


Love the use of color and patterns in this bedding!

Isn't this a great color combination? Love yellow and gray together!
Brand New And Beautiful

As Is Home

My Design Dreams

This fabric is bold and pretty. Perfect for a teen girl's room.

I am really attracted to this fabric. I want to bring a few pops of orange into my decor.

Can you guess my color palette for my living room? Aqua, gray, yellow with just a bit of orange! I will be showing you pictures as the projects get done!