Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dreaming of window seats

Today is a very rainy cool gray day in North Conway NH. It's the kind of day that I just want to make a nice cup of tea and curl up with a good book. I am dreaming about installing a window seat in my bedroom. We have a 12 foot window and I would love to have a window seat with storage underneath and bookcases on either end. Right now its just a dream, but it's fun to dream! Here are some inspiration pictures.

                House to Home

New England Home Magazine
Nursery Notations

MacKenzie Collier Interiors

One of the requirements for my dream window seat is lots of pillows with vintage floral prints and big, fluffy cushions to sit on! How about you? Do you have a window seat dream too?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Old bicycles used as lawn art

I was driving through my neighborhood today, when I saw an old bicycle lying against a tree. It had a big wicker basket on the handlebars filled with beautiful flowers. I absolutely love bikes used as lawn art. They remind me of a by-gone era, when life was slower and simpler.  I am on the lookout for an old bike to add to my yard. Here is some inspiration for you! 

Here are some bikes used as fencing. Now that's creative!

jodi breanna sue


My Tea Cups In Peony

Fine Art America

Benjamin Moore Colors: Sea Foam, Ocean Air, Gossamer blue, Sea Star

Benjamin Moore Paints

Ocean Air in my bedroom
Today I am showing you pictures of some Benjamin Moore colors that fall in the teal category, but are neutralized with gray and can work well in any room with a variety of accent colors. I have Ocean Air in my bedroom and love it. I have even considered using it in my living room, I love it that much! Anyway, I wanted to see what rooms looked like painted in darker colors on the same color strip, so I searched for Gossamer Blue, Sea Star and Caribbean Teal. Here is what I found.

OCEAN AIR ~ Alices Designs

Ocean Air ~ Afternoon Artist

Gossamer Blue ~ Lovely Design

Gossamer Blue ~ My Home My Story

Gossamer Blue ~Vintage Paints Blog
Sea Foam ~ Apartment Therapy
Sea Foam ~ Canadian Cottage

Sea Star ~ Our Best Bites

So what do you think, would you use any of these colors in your home?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I am back!

.It's been almost 2 months since I posted! Wow, time really does fly. First off, I hit a blogging block. I couldn't decide what I wanted this blog to be. I thought long and hard (while floating on the lake in Vermont) about which blogs I really enjoyed reading. You know, the ones I like to check every day.  I love design, but I really like to hear about people's lives. I like when bloggers write from the heart and share a little bit of their lives with their readers. So I am going to start blogging again and bringing a little bit of myself and my life in New England into the blog. Hope you find it interesting and can find some design inspiration too!

Lake Memphremagog, Newport VT
My most popular posts are about paint colors and rooms showcasing various color schemes, so I will continue to pull together photos to show you. My stats continue to grow, I am averaging about 10,000 visits per month. I know that's small potatoes in the blogging world, but considering I was thrilled when I reached 1000 visits just a few months ago, I am feeling good about the direction it is moving. I want to monetize, and I am considering BlogHer. If any of you are in that network, please let me know if it is worth it. I don't want to fill my blog up with ads if I am only going to make a few dollars a month.
               ~ Syndi