Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soft yellows from Benjamin Moore~ Hawthorne Yellow, Weston Flax, Concord Ivory!

Yellows can range from very pale to very bold and bright. I like to paint walls with buttery, creamy yellows  rather than the harsher, brighter ones. They provide a nice warm feeling in a room, yet are neutral enough to go well with a variety of other accent colors. Today I am going to show you some rooms painted in some soft Benjamin Moore yellows. These yellows are all from their Historical collection, which I find to be more muted and neutral than some of their other color collections. First up is a very popular Benjamin Moore color named Hawthorne Yellow. It can look rather bright in full sunlight, but it is a very pretty yellow.

Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow

Potter Barn

via Restyling Home by Kelly

Another Benjamin Moore yellow  that is slightly lighter than Hawthorne Yellow HC4  is Weston Flax HC5:
Benjamin Moore Weston Flax HC12

via Decor Pad



One more shade of yellow from Benjamin Moore is Concord Ivory HC12. This is a deeper, warmer shade, which appears to have more tan in it. Notice how it looks in different light. Looks like a different color! That's why its important to always get a sample and paint a board, then look at it in different parts of your room and at different times of the day. You may be surprised at the variations in color.

Concord Ivory HC12

via Creative Elegance Interiors

Do you have a favorite yellow?                                                                                                                 Tell me the name of the paint and I might feature it on my next Paint Color post!


  1. I've never painted a room yellow. Thanks for showing some of these great colors that can be used as a warm neutral.I might give that Weston Flax a try!

  2. What is the softest yellow for someone who is afraid of too bright yellows? I am painting my kitchen cabinets white.

  3. I have used the same BM yellow paint in several homes because I love the way it changes from soothing yellow in daylight to peachy cream at dusk. It has changed names throughout the years with its most recent name of Birmingham Cream (#164). In 25 years, I have never found a yellow I love more.

  4. I've had Weston Flax in my kitchen for quite a few years and have never tired of it. When I remodeled my kitchen last year I changed everything but the wall color!

  5. I love yellow! I have Hepplewhite Ivory BM all throughout my house as my trim. I painted Powell Buff on the walls in my living room and it's too dark. The room itself is dark. I am looking for something lighter to go with Hepplewhite Ivory trim/doors. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

  6. Funnily enough I am sampling yellows for my bedroom right now and have been going for either Windham cream, Weston flax, Hepplewhite ivory or Philadelphia cream. Such a tough decision with yellow. My bedding is charcoal so I’m leaning toward Weston Flax which I think will stand up to that more than the others.