Saturday, May 5, 2012

Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke & Smoke

I have been snooping around looking at rooms painted some blue/gray colors from Benjamin Moore.
I am sharing some pictures of rooms painted these colors.

Decorpad  BM Pale Smoke

Designed by Nate Berkus ~ BM Pale Smoke  via Urban Tastemakers

Location 27     BM Pale Smoke

The Designer's Muse   BM Pale Smoke

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A Thoughtful Place     BM Smoke

Benjamin Moore   Smoke

BM Smoke   Decorpad

BM Smoke  via Garden Web
 I STILL haven't decided on colors for my living room. Originally I wanted BM palladian blue (it was too aqua green), then SW rainwashed (looked too aqua on my walls too), SW Sea salt (too pale gray)...soooo I am searching for something neutral with a little blue/green. I think these colors- pale smoke and smoke may just be a little to cool and not enough green. Are you searching for a gray/blue/green too?


  1. I love these colors! Maybe you should consider mixing your own paint. Some of the blue that was too aqua and some of the pale smoke? Or find two colors you like in the same brand and ask the store to mix it for you... maybe 80% one color and 20% the other... Good luck on your choices!

  2. I think I am going with Sea Salt. I got 12 paint chips and taped them together so I could get an idea of how it would look on the wall. (I didn't want to spend $9 on a sample quart!) It looks great and is neutral enough to go with other colors.

  3. I am having the same dilemma deciding on a blue/green/grey colour and I have been going through many of the same colours that you are. I have found that Para Paints has a line of colours by Sarah Richardson and I am in love with Lichen. However, I am in Canada and not sure if this line of paint is available in the US. Have a look at this link

    I can't wait to see what you finally decide. Good Luck!

  4. I love Sarah Richardson paints, but they don't sell them here. Lichen reminds me of bm palladian blue, I love it. I also like fog, retreat & Surf. Come back and let us know what you chose!

  5. I am choosing BM 1583 Silvercrest..a beautiful blue/gray/green!

  6. I have a sample of BM Wedgewood Gray that I really like and is a little more green than the smoke you have shown. Unfortunately it is a little too green for a duvet cover set I have and Smoke may be just the colour to work. Thanks for posting.

  7. I just painted my kitchen and Master Bath pale smoke and the Master bedroom and formal dining room smoke and I love these colors! The color changes as the light changes. I didn’t even test them just went them based on the web pictures.

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