Thursday, April 19, 2012

A few days at the Lake House...and some cottage porch inspiration

This week was school vacation week. I really needed a few days of R&R, so I packed the car and my daughter and I took a ride to the lake house. I had not been there since last fall. My brother goes all through the winter to ski , but it had been a disappointing winter with little snow. On Monday it was close to 90 degrees! When we were looking at houses last April, the real estate agent kept reminding us that the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont got an average of 140 inches of snow every winter and the ice can remain on Lake Memphremagog well into May. Well, not this year! It was like summer, and we're loving it. Right next to the house is a conservation area, and this week we saw Loons, Blue Herons, Geese and Ducks nesting around the property. We are excited to go back in a few weeks and see the babies!
      We have so much work to do on the cottage. We only have a dining room table and chairs so far and are sleeping on blow-up beds. So the house is a blank slate. My daughter and I are planning to surprise everyone and decorate the enclosed porch. It is on the front of the cottage and faces the lake. The view is great. The house is lakefront, but is set back and has a beautiful lawn that stretches down to the waterfront. Anyway, I am starting to plan our project.
I left my camera at the cottage ( yes, I am going crazy, but trying to remain calm). So I can't show you the 'Before' pictures I took. I also can't show you what the lake looks like in the spring, so I am posting a few pictures from last summer.
I have been looking around the internet at pictures of enclosed cottage porches for some inspiration and I am going to share some with you today. I am going for a vintage cottage look. I am working on a design board and will post it when I am finished!

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  1. I can't wait to see what your do with your porch! ~ Maureen