Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Should I paint my fireplace?

Completely Coastal

I hate my fireplace. From the design to the color, its just plain ugly. It is 26 feet tall and juts out like a boats' bow into my living room. My husband suggested embracing its 'boatness' and putting a figurehead on the front! Hmm, no. It also has a big black pole in the middle, I suppose it is holding up all the bricks, so I know I am stuck with it. So, what is there to do? I am seeking your opinion. I know that I want mantels, one on each side. I also would love to redo the surface with river rocks or  faux stone, but we just cannot afford it right now. The question I am struggling with: Should I paint my fireplace??? Its a scary thing. I have heard for years that you should never paint a fireplace because the paint is so hard to remove. I have been looking around for pictures of painted fireplaces, and I still have not made a decision. So, if this was your ugly fireplace, what would YOU do?

Here are some before and after pictures. This was done by Kristi of Addicted 2 Decorating. I love how this fireplace looks. Its amazing what paint can do!


Here's a before and after from Better Homes and Garden

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  1. Syndi paint the fireplace lol!!! you might want to check out betterhomes and garden or benjamin moor'e website,,you can upload a pic and change the colors of the walls etc. to get an idea what it will look like...I painted the FP in scituate after much deliberation and loved the outcome!! The white opened up the room and the FP wasn't so "in your face"...

  2. Hi syndi. Karen Waitt here. Painting it is such a big thing. I would do it but dont go too wild on the color. stay traditional and make the walls the wild colors. cant wait to see what you decide to do. maybe I'll paint the childcare fireplace.

  3. Syndi....I think the answer lies in your first couple of comments---you hate your fireplace, it's ugly and juts out into the room. Usually, I like the brick look, but in this case, I can understand how you feel. It appears to dominate not just the living room but straight up to the second floor. Your house has a more modern look to it and the brick is too cottage style. I vote for painting it........Beth