Monday, February 20, 2012

In love with Amy Butler Designs!
I love fabric. It's no secret. I could spend hours in a fabric store, just looking.  For me, it is like an art gallery. My fabric obsession is just as bad good as my paint chip obsession! Artists create the most beautiful designs, and I have found an artist whose fabrics are inspirational. Amy Butler has been creating fabrics with her husband David since 1992. She lives in the midwest and is a true renaissance woman. She cares about the environment, local craftspeople, sustainability, and giving back to the community. She draws inspiration from her world travels and her own backyard. What drew me to her work was her unabashed use of bold colors and patterns. Some of her prints have a very bohemian feel, others look like they came from the arts and crafts movement , while others look like they were plucked from a lush english garden! This womnan is not afraid of color and has inspired me to inch ever so slightly out of my pale, neutral comfort zone. I discovered her while searching for fabrics for my big living room project. I will be doing lots of reupholstering and sewing drapes and pillows, so I need lots of  fabric! She has a product line that includes bedding, towels, wallpaper, handbags and a bunch of other wonderfully colorful stuff. Check out her website, Amy Butler Design!

Look at these beautiful handmade, handcarved rugs. I can't afford one, but I can dream!

I am happy to report that I can afford this fabric I found at!! All of these fabrics can be found there for only $8.98/yard. Definitely an affordable way to bring beauty into your home!
 I have ordered samples of my three favorite :

 Here are a few more Amy Butler fabrics you can find at  :



Hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful designs as much I as have. Visit Amy Butler Design to see her entire collection and for some great bargains on beautiful Fabrics.( Just for the record, I didn't get any compensation for raving about one of my favorite fabric designers, just wanted to share the love!)


  1. Oh me too, I die over her rugs and fabric every time I go look!

  2. She also has a beautiful book. AMy lives in the same town (village) as I do......Granville, Ohio. I love her look. It's a little bit of everything.

  3. I'm a big Amy Butler fan, too. I've used several of her fabrics in various projects. Such a great sense of style and color!