Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sherwin Williams' Tidewater, Sea Salt & Comfort Gray paint colors!

I am continuing in the never-ending search for the perfect paint colors for my home If you have been reading the blog, you know that I love light blue-green paint mixed with a hint of  gray to produce a subtle neutral, similar to beach glass or the color you see when looking at clear water at a river's edge.I also like shades with a more vibrant blue-green to use as accent color. I have looked at several Benjamin Moore colors and have posted pictures of rooms painted Palladian Blue, Wythe Blue and Stratton Blue, all from the same color strip, and another post on Wedgewood Gray and Woodlawn Blue.
Today I am switching to Sherwin Williams paint colors and looking at Tidewater, Sea Salt and Comfort Gray. First up is Tidewater. What a beautiful color! of these 3 colors, I think Tidewater looks like the strongest blue-green, yet very light and airy.

                                                                     Pawley Island Posh
You have to check out the before and after pictures of this room. Simply amazing. This blogger is talented!

One Lucky Couple

In Studio Design & Co. via Decor Pad

SEA SALT          

Next up is Sea Salt., whic is paler than tidewater.  This color can appear as almost an off white with an aqua tinge in some lights, but in others it is a very soft aqua and you can definitely see the color.

Southern Hospitality

TMS Architects via House of Turquoise

Apartment Therapy


Comfort Gray  is next down on the color strip from Sea Salt, and as you can see. it is a more grey version!

Nesting Place

swoon style home

Buzzings of a Queen Bee

So there you have it, three more contenders for my living room. Sherwin Williams has a beautiful collection of colors and I am especially fond of their blues and greens. In this post I showcased TIDEWATER, SEA SALT & COMFORT GRAY. What is your favorite paint color? Give me some ideas to include in my next color inspiration post!


  1. I love sea salt and tidewater! We plan to use both of these in our new beach house!

  2. Me too! I am painting the living room Sea Salt.

  3. I don't know why Sea Salt looks like a dark sage on my walls.... It's so upsetting!!

  4. I don't know which picture is which color.I like the color in the 3rd picture and the 5th picture on the right ? What colors are those ?

    1. why isn't each picture labeled???

  5. To the person who said that Sea Salt looks like sage, or anyone else who might have the same issue, check your light bulbs. It sounds like you are using warm hue bulbs. Get Reveal bulbs or bulbs with neutral lumins.

  6. tidewater looks blue on my walls. I want a blue green that looks green. Still searching! I want the green of the sea. someone suggested Seaglass. even when I put the sample on the wall it looks green and then when I finish the wall it looks blue!

  7. I’m going through what your going through. I’ve learned to paint white poster boards with the paint for testing and not test the paint directly on the walls. Definitely makes a difference