Thursday, November 17, 2011

No more beige!

That's what my family says whenever I talk about painting a room. I don't know why they think I paint everything beige. I don't. However, I do admit that our first home was painted (in every room on the first floor) Antique White by Benjamin Moore. I love that color. It has a really warm light pinky-peachy tint to it that seems to go well with everything. Then when I staged the house for sale I chose a warm beige for a neutral.
When we moved into our present house I spent almost one year living with paint chips all over the walls. We have an extremely weird shaped living room. It was painted a bright white when we bought it and severely lacked personality. I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore's Bennington Grey (which really looks more like a Taupe). So I guess it must seem like we have always lived in beige rooms, but to be fair I other rooms in the house that are drenched in color! I am ready for a change. Bring on the paint chips!

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