Thursday, November 17, 2011

The big challenge


My living room is my biggest design challenge. The house was built in 1981 and is a  contemporary design.  My husband thinks it has a ski lodge vibe, but I think it looks like a big, nondescript box. No  detailing, no built-ins, no hardwood floors, no character. BUT it did come with ugly pink carpeting throughout the whole house! I didn't want to buy the house because it, but my husband promised it would quickly be replaced by beautiful hardwood floors. 8 years later I sit here looking at the same PINK wall to wall carpet. As time went by, the rug was put on the bottom on our list of priorities in spending money, but I am now at the end of my pink rope. I am thinking of ripping it up and painting the floor. I am posting pictures for you to see. These are my "Before" pictures and as I go through the process of choosing colors, painting and redecorating, I will post more.

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