Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trendy Ikat

Ikat is a very old technique used around the world to dye and process fabric. The technique is very similar to Tye-dying. Knots or bindings (which resist the dye) are applied to the threads to make patterns and then the
 threads are dyed. Changing the location of the bindings and using different dyes can create intricate patterns. After the drying process is completed, the threads are then woven into fabric. The difference between Ikat and Tie Dyeing is that in T.D. the thread is woven into fabric first and then the bindings are applied. In Ikat, the threads are bound and then woven into fabric.     

House to Home

Coco Co.
 In the past few years, Ikat has slowly been invading the world of fashion and home design. The runways have been filled with Ikat apparel and accessories. Ikat is trending in home decorating fabrics and can be seen in pillows, upholstery, drapes. The patterns have even been applied to picture frames, bowls and tea pots! Wallpaper, which is making a comeback, is also being produced in Ikat patterns. I recently saw someone do a DIY project on the Nate Berkus Show where they took an old bureau and painted an Ikat pattern on it. Do you have any Ikat in your home decor?


Nate Berkus


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