Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sharing Easter Traditions


                                                                  Decorating the trees!

                                                                        Easter Baskets
Our basket traditions include a book, a video, a stuffed animal,  some other little trinkets..and candy!
My mother always used to hide the baskets throughout the house, and like an egg hunt, we ran around the house trying to find all the baskets. For my kids, I always put the baskets someplace outside. Sometimes at the back door, sometimes in the yard. Loved seeing them run to the door in anticipation!

                             I love rabbits! Easter gives me an excuse to collect and display them.
And of course, what would Easter be without Easter Bonnets!.........Here are some family photos from the Ghost of Easters past:


Every year my mother would let me choose a new Easter hat and outfit. At church, I loved looking at all the fancy outfits and Easter hats, all covered with different types of artificial flowers! Oh, that's me in the black & white picture,  proudly wearing my new yellow coat and white hat with flowers on it, carrying a matching purse (of course!)

Hope you have a wonderful Easter full of your own special traditions and memories!.

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