Thursday, April 12, 2012

Restoration Hardware's Deconstructed Mess

I just got Restoration Hardware's new catalog in the mail today. Wow. Interesting in a weird way. Some things I love and are very unique and cutting edge. Others are just over the edge into the zone of "What were they thinking?"  For this post I will stick to the design concept which I find bizarre. They are calling it "Deconstructed" "Meticulously handcrafted to reveal the old world artistry of its inner workings..." Really? It simply looks unfinished, partially upholstered and ready for the junk heap (where a crafty blogger will find it and turn it into something beautiful by painting and reupholstering!). So look at these pictures from the catalog and tell me what you think. Would you buy one of these for your house? Oh, and they cost between  $1995- $2195!

My Grandfather would be so upset at the attempt to make these unfinished chairs into a design trend. He was a very talented and well respected furniture designer and maker during the first half of the 20th century. He even taught furniture restoration at the Boston Museum of Fine Art. Someday I will show you some of his work. Oh, and his chairs are beautifully upholstered!


  1. This is just a little over the line for me, style wise. It's way over the line price wise! Imagine paying that much for a chair and your guests think they are sitting on stuff ready for the dump! Please, do show your grandfather's furniture. ~ Maureen

  2. Maureen, I agree on both points. I plan to do a post on my Granfather's furniture. First I have to make a trip to visit my brother, who oversees the collection, and take some pictures!

  3. Personally I love the deconstructed look! I've done several of my own which brings the price down to thrift store savvy. I think they are fabulous!