Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A colorful designer~ Kelly Proxmire

I haven't been focused on interior design this past week, as my other life as kept me busy. Yesterday, I won reelection to the School Board, and one of my proposals (full day kindergarten) was approved by the voters! It has been a roller coaster ride, as extremists have retired to our community and do not believe that they should have to educate other people's children. They have become a powerful voting block...until yesterday, when every one of their groupies was voted out or not voted in. Hopefully we have returned some sanity back into our community! Anywho, back to my favorite topic, interior design!

Today, I am featuring a designer I stumbled upon while I was reading Traditional Home. Her name is Kelly Proxmire and she lives in the Washington DC area. From her website:
"In her 20-year career Proxmire has developed a matchless eye for crafting what she describes as “tailored traditional” interiors. Her projects suffuse warmth and hospitality while maintaining excellent balance, proportion and scale. Her love of color is combined with an appreciation for the fresh sophistication of white and the daring elegance of black. Adept at mixing traditional pieces with unexpected finds, Proxmire creates environments that are attuned to the client’s world and faithful to the architecture and setting of a home. "
She definitely is a traditional designer and since I lean toward tradition in design, I was attracted to her work, but what really wowed me is her use of color. She is definitely not afraid of color! I find her work fresh and inspirational. Her use of black is unusual, especially in coastal design, yet gives a definite classic vibe to the rooms. Here are examples of her work:

Kelly Proxmire

All her rooms are vibrant! Which is your favorite? I am in love with the striped yellow walls! You don't see bright yellow used much in traditional rooms anymore. Time to bring it back and be fearless with color. These rooms just brim with happiness!        
 To see more of Kelly's work, visit Kelly Interior Design.

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