Friday, April 13, 2012

New old couch and new decorating challenges!

My husband told me last week that he was getting a couch from a friend, which would replace our old one that was falling apart. He told me it was in great condition and was tan and would work well with my proposed  SW Sea Salt or Rainwashed wall color. So last night the old couch goes out and the 'new' one comes in. NOT what I expected. First of all, I was planning on buying a couch that looked like this:

or maybe this:
But definitely not this:

OK, nothing looks good with the ugly pink carpet. In this picture the sofa actually looks brown/gray. In real life it looks dark olive green. It is actually in great condition. There are two things that are driving me crazy. The first is the color~ it clashes with many of the light aqua colors I have been drooling over. Second, notice there is no arm on the right end of the sofa. I like symmetry and balance. This will drive me insane. Also, my husband LOVES it. So do the kids..and the dachshunds. I am clearly outnumbered and need to make it work (until I can save up enough to buy a new one).
     I got out my beloved paint chips and fabric swatches and put them on the sofa. It isn't as bad as my mind imagined, but it is going to take some creativity to make it work.

The big bottom paint chip is Restoration Hardware Silver Sage. This looked too cool gray on my wall. It didn't show any of the beautiful subtle blue/green colors like it did in Beth's kitchen. Above that is SW Sea Salt, which is the direction I am  was heading in. It has a little bit more color to it, but enough gray to be neutral.Click here to see it in Beth's sunroom . Beth obviously is very talented! Her blog is called Unskinny Boppy. Go visit.

This strip is from Sherwin Williams.  left to right: Topsail, Tradewind, Rain, Interesting Aqua.
I decide to look at colors that are more blue than green. Green seems to clash with the brown/olive of the couch. (I know, this is getting ridiculous, it will be 2013 before I even choose a wall color!).

Well, after all is said and done, I STILL like SW Sea Salt. Now, I have to convince my husband to help me rip up the pink carpet...stay tuned....


  1. Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Think of that color as a neutral and then in your head it will go away! The colors you have for fabrics are great... they are so light an airy. That will be what you will see when you look at the couch... not the green. But I don't know what to tell you about the other arm... a high side table?

  3. Hi Tiffany, I think once that pink rug is gone the couch won't bother me as much. I might separate the sectional, group the three pieces w/out the arms together with tables at each end and then put the lounge in a different location in the room with a table and big lamp on the unarmed side.

  4. Best of luck! Do share some photos once your sofa project is done!

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  6. Syndi, I googled sage RH couch and found this page. Do you have any info. on this couch? it's ours but we didn't buy it. We have no idea how to clean it (dry clean or washer /dryer) and we want to buy a quality, fitted couch cover for it but we can't find on the couch the style or any info. Thanks for any info. you can provide!