Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To catch a mouse!

Last night I went in the kitchen and turned on the light. What did I see? The cutest little mouse sitting on the counter looking at me! I yelled for my husband. He came running in. I said "Isn't it adorable?" "Now kill it!". So he gave a feeble try to capture it  and it ran between the stove and the counter  (the space is only about half an inch, how do they do that!?). So it is apparent my husband could never be a hunter. He can't harm a mouse never mind a moose! Sooo it is up to me. I went out today and bought he old fashion snap traps (the mice won't go near the sticky pads or the 'have-a-heart type traps' that are all over the house!), some steel wool to plug up all the holes around the pipes, and some peppermint oil and cotton balls. I will let you all know how this ongoing drama ends....hopefully there will be an ending soon!!!


  1. Mice are cute but not inside our house. Hope you catch the little critter.

  2. I'm with you mice are so pesky to get rid of. When I was younger in my parents house we had a few run-ins with mice. I have a few comical memories of my Dad running after a mouse trying to corner it. Hope you catch them soon!