Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flower Fairy Birthday Party!

Today I am doing something different and breaking away from an interior design post. I just decided that I have so much more to talk about and show you that's outside of the design world, but is within the world of art and creativity. I have read that it's best to stay within your niche and refrain from off-topic posts, but hey, it's my blog and I'll break the rules if I want to! Besides, the blogs I like to read best are the ones in which the blogger talks about herself and her life. I read mostly design blogs, and it's the ones that are more personal that really draw me in and make me want to follow. So today I am going to share with you a wonderful Flower Fairy birthday party! This year my daughter turned 14 (she said that I shouldn't tell you that because people will find out that I am not a 20-something,-newly married-decorating my first home blogger). She no longer wants the creative, fancy parties I dreamed up when she was little. In fact, her and her friends are not into parties at all. That makes me sad. So instead, I will remember all the fun of years past. Luckily, I scrapbook, so I have the pictures ready to show you.

     First, let me tell you, my daughter and I loved flower fairies. Truth be told, we still do. I remember when she was 4 and I found her out on the garden looking under rocks. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was looking to see if there were flower fairies hiding in the garden. Every summer we constructed  fairy houses, compete with furniture made with materials from nature. And of course, we read every book and rented every movie that had flower fairies in them. So it was only natural that for her 6th birthday I hosted a Flower Fairy Party!

      I like structured parties that keep kids interested and occupied and allow them to let their creativity shine. The worst parties are those that have a large amount of kids running around with no structure or purpose and nothing of interest for the kids to do. I always kept the parties small, no more than 10 kids.
For this party, we started with outfits. I explained that we were going to dance for the fairies, but first we needed fairy costumes. I had premade skirts out of chiffon and then had the girls decorate the felt petals of the flowers for the skirts. They used sequins, sparkles, glitter and a few other dodads (is dodad even a real word?). Then we made a flower wreath to wear on their heads. Finally, they chose ribbons to make a wand. When they were finished, we headed outside. I told the girls that fairies loved it when people danced for them I said that there was a legend that if you danced for the fairies, they would leave presents among the flowers and within the forest. I then put on music from the Swan and the girls danced around the yard. It was beautiful. The parents got some great pictures! When the music stopped I told the girls to go look to see if the fairies had left them anything. We have trees and gardens surrounding the backyard and a little forest too. So the girls ran around and found all the trinkets I had hung from branches and hidden next to flowers. There were bracelets, necklaces and rings~ all colorful and sparkly! The girls then headed indoors, where they had punch that they poured  from pretty little teapots into the good china cups. Instead of making a cake, I made big cupcakes which each girl frosted and decorated herself. Finally it was time to open presents. Surprisingly, every girl gave her a fairy themed gift! It was a wonderful afternoon for the girls AND the Moms! If you are a young Mom looking for ideas for your daughter's next party, I hope you found some and if you are an older Mom whose daughter has grown, I hope this post brought back some sweet memories of birthdays past!

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  1. Oh what a sweet party, so glad you decided to share with us. :-)

  2. I can think of one of my granddaughters who would love a flower fairy party! Guess what her name is. Olivia! Pinning ~ Maureen
    ps - Why shouldn't you write about whatever you want!