Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mouse in the house!

If the mouse (s) in the house looked like this, then I wouldn't be asking for your advice!
Seems we have a bad case of mice! We have seen them everywhere- on all three levels of our house. It's my husband's fault. He makes holes in the walls and never covers them up. I kept warning him that if he did not cover the hole that goes into our attached garage, we would end up with mice. Guess what? We did. To make matters worse he STILL hasn't done anything about the holes. Why did he make holes, you ask. Well, he is an HVAC technician and he put in a new heating system throughout the house. Now if this were a client's house, the holes would have been professionally closed up, but since it was our house, he just left them open. He also decided to extend the heat into the garage, so he made the hole for the pipes to go through. That's the tricky part, the mice travel through the house on the pipes and can get to each level easily. It is out of control. I have no idea how many we have. My husband says its one mice that runs around the whole house. Nice try, but I don't think so.I  think there is a whole mice village that sleeps during the day and has mouse carnivals at night. One of my teenage sons now is sleeping on the couch in the living room after a mouse ran across his pillow in his room!
Anyway, I am now on a mission to rid my house of these creatures! I have 3 different types of traps filled with peanut butter and chocolate. 9 traps. 3 on each level placed in areas we have seen the mice hang out. How many mice have we caught? ZERO! So this is where you come in. Have you ever had mice in your house? How did you get rid of them? What was effective and what didn't work at all? There are many suggestions out there in cyberworld: mint oil, steel wool, plug in noise what really works?

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  1. This is going to take some serious poison! I figure that one mouse seen means a dozen not seen. I use Wilson Wilsarin rat & mouse bait pellets. Just put the unopened packets in the holes and the mice will bite through them. One feeding kills them. Make sure they are not where kids or pets can get at them. I put mine on the basement rafters. Men!!!