Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've got the Palladian Blues!

I finally narrowed my color choice for the living room. I chose SW Sea Salt, SW Rainwashed, BM Palladian Blue, BM Woodlawn blue. I went to the store and got a sample of Palladian Blue. This was my first choice. I painted a piece of art paper (specially treated for acrylic paint) and taped it on the wall. I moved it to different spots in the room and looked at it for several days in different light. The verdict? It looks completely different on the wall than it did on the chip and in all the pictures of rooms online that were painted Palladian Blue. How disappointing. On my walls it looks bright green/aqua....no hint of the beautiful blue I see in these pictures!! This illustrates the importance of buying a sample, painting a board and then looking at it on your walls in different lighting conditions. It is amazing how light effects the color!

BM Palladian Blue


Little Green Notebook

Aren't the pictures above beautiful? I love the subtle, soft blue/green. Now look at what Palladian Blue looks like in my room. Not so pretty. It looks like a bright seafoam. Its hard to find any blue! This picture was taken in the morning in natural light, no flash. At night, under artificial light it looks even greener.

So its back to the drawing board. I stopped by the Sherwin Williams store to pick up a few samples and was overcome with sticker shock. They were charging 6.99 for a quart. I asked if I could have a small sample. Nope. The quart is their sample size. Well, I was really not happy. Benjamin Moore sells sample jars and I only paid 2.88 ! I only used about a quarter of the jar to paint my paper that you see in the picture. There enough to paint a large board. Restoration Hardware sent me a good sized sample jar too, for 2.95 and free shipping.  About time Sherwin Williams gets on board and provides its customers with a real sample sized jar for a reasonable price! $7 for a sample jar? CMON!
Anyway, I am going to try a sample of BM Woodlawn Blue. It looks a little bluer than Palladian. I will post pictures later.


  1. Hey Syndi, I am your newest follower :) I just posted the message in return to your question about my wall color. It is Rainwashed by sherwin williams. I am going to do Sea Salt up my staircase and upstairs hallway. I think they are my two favorites. I don't know why SW can't do cheap little sample jars. It would be so much easier. Good luck with picking your color, that is always the toughest part for me.

  2. Hi Helen! Thanks for following me. Love all the work you have done on your house. You and your husband are talented. I love Rainwashed. I have seen pictures where it looks blue and some where it looks green. In my house, its bright green, just like Palladian Blue. It's frustrating because I love those colors in other people's homes. My husband says to just go for it, that it will probably look good once the all the walls are painted, but I can't afford to paint the room over twice (if it looks awful). Right now it looks like I am going with Sea Salt. I just hope it doesn't look too gray. I am thinking of using quietude on the wall going up the stairs.

  3. I had great success with BM Woodlawn Blue. It is gorgeous. Also, it is true that it will look totally different when the whole room is complete and not just a small bit on the wall. Good luck!