Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fabric samples and paint chips!

Last Saturday my fabric samples arrived. I must say that I am glad I ordered samples instead of just buying what I liked online. Just like paint colors, fabric colors look different in person than online. It is worth it to take the time and few dollars to order swatches before making your decision.
For example, here are comparisons between the online store's picture and a scan of the actual swatch. The sample swatches are 4x4 inches. Its apparent that the actual design on the fabrics is much larger than it appears in the store photo.

The pictures above are of Lundsford Opal from In addition to size of the pattern, the texture of the material is not what I was expecting. It has a plastic-like feel to it, which would make it more appropriate for upholstery fabric, than drapes.


Wow, the pattern on this fabric is huge compared to the picture. I love it! Just a matter of deciding if I use it on my wing-backs or my big chair. The fabric is like duck cloth~ sturdy, but cotton, not at all plasticky. It could also make nice drapes. Oh, the choices!

I decided to order a few more samples with more colors in them.

Sherwin Williams : Comfort Gray~ Silvermist ~Sea Salt

I thought that it would make sense to pick the fabrics before choosing the paint colors. Of course it does. I have it narrowed down to several colors: Comfort Gray, Silvermist or Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams, and Palladian, Wythe and Stratton Blue from Benjamin Moore.
I'll be back next week with a final decision (I hope).!


  1. Love the gray fabrics with the sea salt paint color!

    1. Where did you find the last fabric? Green with orange