Saturday, March 31, 2012

Collections used in home decorating

I have been noticing that a lot of bloggers are showing off their collections. They collect all sorts of stuff. I love seeing collections used in home decor because they add character and personality.
 It is so boring looking at page after page of cookie cutter rooms, all staged to perfection with the latest trends. I am drawn to rooms that have a touch of whimsy and reflect the interests and tastes of the owner (even if they are not on the 'trendy' list). In the past few days I have seen an egg cup collection from Claudia over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage that I love. They are so vintage and endearing. They fit perfectly with her cottage decor. I  have to admit, I have never seen an egg cup collection before, so I did a little research.There are plenty of items on sale on Ebay and Etsy. Here are a few examples of egg cups I found:

Betsy Speert has a great collection of Royal Copley ceramic birds which fill almost every room of her Florida cottage. They look great in her 1950s vintage tropical decor. Here are a few I found on Ebay:

Gayle of Vintage Farmhouse posted about her collection of floral artwork, mostly small original oil paintings. I love the way original art looks on a wall. It gives the room such a distinct personality. 

I have several collections. I have Blue & White Christmas plates, which are currently in storage because I can't find a wall they look good on. I also have a collection of teapots, but stopped collecting about 10 years ago because I don't have enough places to display them. (I became interested in teapots when I visited the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge MA. They had shelves in every room, high up next to the ceiling and sitting on those shelves were all sorts of beautiful teapots. I was hooked.)
Right now I have a small collection of colored glass, sitting on window sills and hanging in windows. I love the way the light shines through them. Here are a few pictures I took this morning

That little rabbit is the newest member of my glass collection. Behind him are small antique bottles that used to hold bitters.

I think collections add character to a house, and with all the bloggers showing off their collections, I can see that I am not alone. How about you? Do you display a collection in your home?

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  1. Your glass pieces are so pretty! The personal touches are what makes a home interesting to me. I collect black and white transferware and white ironstone. They aren't displayed as a collection, but are in use all over my home. ~ Maureen

  2. Hi Maureen, You are right about personal touches making a home interesting. If we all had the same colors and accessories in our houses, we would look a bunch of Stepford Wives!

  3. I love your colored glass pieces - how pretty they look in the sunshine. Thanks for mentioning me in your post!