Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whimsical Kitchens

                                             Diane Keaton's kitchen via Architectural Digest

Sometimes I get so tired of looking at blogs & magazines where everyone is trying to jump on the current trends. Kitchens in particular tend to start to look cookie cutter. I really enjoy finding kitchens that are a little outside the box, not on trend, and definitely showcase the owners own personality! Design doesn't need to be serious. It can be individual. It can include collections, artwork, color and unusual objects. It can be...WHIMSICAL!  I must say admire people who have the confidence to follow their heart and decorate with stuff that makes them happy. Today I am celebrating individuality and funky design choices!

via A Whinsical Bohemian

via Home and Decor

AZ Central
Design Art


  1. What fun kitchens. Love the clock art.

  2. Hi Debby, I like the clock too. I think every home should have a little quirky, fun design!

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