Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Purple the new Gray?

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I was in the grocery store yesterday, and on the magazine rack sat some home decor mags. As I glanced at them, something struck me. Both Traditional Home and Veranda had the same color scheme on their covers. I turned to my 14 year old daughter and asked "What do you think the new color trend is in home decor?" She immediately answered "purple'! Yup, the magazines were filled with purple.  Some articles were touting it as the new gray. Gray, of course was pushed as a neutral instead of shades of beige for a few years now, and works nicely with a wide variety of colors. Purple is a little more difficult to coordinate, but the key to making it a neutral is to add gray! Gray tones it down so that it doesn't overwhelm a space. Of course, some people love bright shades of purple, and these can be used effectively as pops of color. The problem I find when using bright or very dark purples in a space is that I grow tired of it rather quickly, so want to make sure it is something I can change easily (and cheaply).

 Here are a few examples of purple in home decor:

On Home Design

                                                              Love the purple door!
House Beautiful
Coffee and Pasta

Purple painted furniture!

La Petite Fashionista

          Do you think that purple will become the new neutral? Would you paint your living room purple? I don't think I am that brave!

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  1. The purple wouldn't work in my main living areas with the way the house is laid out but I could certainly see it in a more modern home or a cottage Victorian or in a bedroom/bath of any home. I love the grayed down purples and purples with brown undertones from the lighter ones to the mysterious inky ones. It can be very elegant.